The Donlon Report: Policing a year after George Floyd’s death; Texas set to allow permit-free gun carrying

The Donlon Report

It’s been one year since the killing of George Floyd. What have we learned, what’s changed, and why do 70% of African Americans think police encounters have gotten worse in the past year? Retired Maryland police commander T.J. Smith weighs in.

Texas is on the verge of allowing anyone to carry handguns without a license, background check or training. With shootings on the rise, is it the right move? State Senator Bryan Hughes explains why he backed the measure.

President Joe Biden would not commit to imposing sanctions on Belarus after the country essentially hijacked a commercial flight in order to arrest a dissident journalist on board Tuesday. As the nation faces additional pressure from the EU, Hal Kempfer, founder and CEO of Global Risk Intelligence and Planning, explains the forces at play.

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