The Donlon Report: Rise in violent crime seen across the US; Colorado mayor explains why he wants to ban assault weapons

The Donlon Report

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — It’s happening in cities nationwide: a rise in violent crime, with homicides in the U.S. up 30% in the first three months of the year and almost 50% higher than in 2019. There are many theories as to “why,” it’s happening, while President Biden announced plans to address crime today. We take a look at crime and punishment in the U.S.

And, one of the top border patrol agents in the U.S., Chief Sean McGoffin, gives an update on the state of immigration ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’s planned visit to the border.

Plus, as calls to “Free Britney” grow, pop star Britney Spears is appealing her conservatorship with her father. Criminal justice attorney Mark Eiglarsh lays out the case.

Then, the Supreme Court sided with a former high school cheerleader, ruling her vulgar complaints about the cheer squad were protected by the First Amendment. ACLU Legal Director Vic Walczak explains why the group argued the school violated her free speech protections.

Finally, Mayor Sam Weaver of Boulder, Colorado explains why he wants to ban the sale of AR-15s three years after a judge blocked the city’s ban on assault weapons and months after a mass shooting took place at a King Sooper grocery store in the city.

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