The Donlon Report: Search for survivors continues in Surfside; Judge breaks down Derek Chauvin’s sentence

The Donlon Report

Miami is in mourning as rescue workers are still searching for survivors. We have the latest on the ground from NewsNation’s Brian Entin and Marni Hughes.

Plus, former Miami-Dade fire chief Dave Downey explains how “voids” can created by refrigerators, beds and other debris during a building collapse can help people survive. Technology expert Kurt Knutsson also explains how rescuers are using technology as they rush to find survivors.

Then, after Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, former New York Supreme Court judge Robert Holdman breaks down how Judge Peter Cahill may have settled on that sentence.

After Vice President Kamala Harris took a trip to El Paso, Texas to get a firsthand view of issues at the border, reporter Julian Resendiz breaks down the politics behind the visit.

Finally, U.S. intelligence released a highly-anticipated UFO report Friday, revealing the government cannot explain 143 mysterious flying objects but denying any evidence of extraterrestrial life. Mystery Wire reporter George Knapp explains. 

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