The Donlon Report: Senate releases report on Capitol riot; FBI-created app leads to hundreds of drug arrests worldwide

The Donlon Report

A blistering new Senate report on the January 6th Capitol riot found neither the FBI nor DHS warned law enforcement of the potential for violence signaled by online posts about the event. Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker puts the report in context. 

And, organized crime around the world took a major hit Tuesday, thanks to a sprawling sting operation known as Trojan Shield. Retired FBI agent Bobby Chacon tells how a single app helped bring down hundreds of criminals around the world. 

Plus, a new investigation by ProPublica argues the wealthiest pay “only a fraction of their fortunes,” calling into question the fairness of the tax system. Financial adviser and reporter Tracy Byrnes explains how the best off are also the best at paying less in taxes.

Finally, leaders of the world’s strongest economies are preparing to meet in Cornwall, England for the G7 summit. Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO General Wesley Clark outlines what President Joe Biden should do in confronting Russia about recent hacking attacks and more.

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