The Donlon Report: U.S. agencies looking into mysterious ‘Havana syndrome;’ Texas reports spike in drug seizures

The Donlon Report

January 6th is a day that many Americans won’t forget, so why doesn’t the Republican party want Congress to investigate the Capitol insurrection?  Former Trump administration official Bruce Levell weighs in on why Republicans don’t plan to approve a bipartisan January 6th commission.

U.S. agencies are asking military and civilian employees to report any possible cases of “Havana syndrome,” as workers worldwide report symptoms associated with the mysterious illness including headaches, nausea and vertigo. Former state department adviser Christian Whiton explains what’s going on.

Federal officials have issued the first cybersecurity regulations for pipelines after the Colonial Pipeline caused panic buying and fears of gas shortages. Former Homeland Security assistant secretary Matt Hayden explains how the U.S. is trying to secure its infrastructure. 

Finally, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott warns about a spike in drugs crossing over the border, Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn says he is seeing a rise in both seizures of fentanyl and related overdoses.

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