The Donlon Report: Unrest following Ma’Khia Bryant shooting, former Pres. Bush calls GOP ‘isolationist’ & what cutting greenhouse gas emissions will cost you

The Donlon Report

(The Donlon Report) — The day the Derek Chauvin trial concludes another police shooting happens.

Authorities in Ohio released 911 calls and additional bodycam footage during a press conference Wednesday afternoon. All this comes as the federal government announced an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department’s policing practices.

Former President George W. Bush calls his party in 2021 “isolationist” and “nativist.” Is he right, and can a party like that win? Joe Donlon discusses.

President Biden is set to announce the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions in half – in less than a decade. If it can be done, how much might it cost you and what exactly will you be driving?

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