The Donlon Report: US economy shows positive signs; Billionaires race to space

The Donlon Report

Tonight on The Donlon Report:

  • As the U.S. gears up to celebrate its independence, the country’s economy is showing positive signs with 850,000 jobs added in June and COVID-19 cases remaining low. Heather Bouschey of the White House’s Economic Council shares her view of the state of the economy.
  • Yesterday morning the U.S. air base in Bagram, Afghanistan was fully operational, but today there are no US troops at that vital base. Foreign policy expert Michael Szanto explains what could come next after the U.S. leaves Afghanistan.
  • Johnson and Johnson said its single-shot COVID-19 vaccine provides protection from the rapidly-spreading “Delta” variant.” Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Richard Westreich gives an update on the state of the pandemic in the U.S.
  • Billionaires like Virgin Galactic Founder Richard Branson are setting their sights on a new frontier: space travel. Planet Labs Director of Science Strategy Tanya Harrison explains why their competition may actually benefit NASA in the long run
  • The search-and-rescue effort continues in Surfside, Florida, but it has been days since survivors were pulled from the rubble. Former Miami-Dade fire chief Dave Downey opens up about the toll such major undertakings can have on firefighters.
  • As rules change, college athletes are inking endorsement deals for everything from cell phones to pet supplies. Legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg weighs in on how this could change the sport forever.

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