DNC is ‘systematically disenfranchising’ voters: RFK Jr.

  • RFK Jr. says the DNC is disenfranchising states that voted against Biden
  • Kennedy: Biden should have "unscripted encounters with voters"
  • Kennedy: Need someone who is "up to the rigors of the job"

(NewsNation) — Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says the Democratic National Committee is “systematically disenfranchising” voters from several states.

“The DNC is making it almost impossible for anybody to run against the president. They are systematically disenfranchising the voters of many of the states that voted against President Biden during the last time around,” he said.

Kennedy joined Newsnation’s “The Hill” to discuss the 2024 election, saying voters need more from President Joe Biden.

“I think the questions that have been raised in recent press conferences about the President’s cognitive capacity, he should answer them, and the way to answer them is to come out on the stump, have unscripted encounters with voters, to do town halls, and more than anything, to do a debate with his opponents,” Kennedy said.

His comments come as the issue of President Biden’s age draws more concern. Most recently, Biden ended his speech in Vietnam by saying, “I’m going to go to bed,” causing some raised eyebrows.

“We need somebody who is in office that all Americans agree is up to the rigors of the job, that has the vigor to lead our country during a very difficult time,” Kennedy told NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas.

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