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NewsNation presented a special entitled “The Chosen Phenomenon” on Sunday, September 24th. The hour-long program looked at how The Chosen, which airs on the CW and documents the life of Jesus Christ, became a surprising hit of the Hollywood television season. NewsNation’s Morning in America co-anchor Adrienne Bankert went behind-the-scenes to speak with the showrunners and stars at the sprawling set in Dallas, Texas.

During the special, viewers heard stories of the show’s humble beginnings and why many of the actors feel saved by their work. Featuring an exclusive conversation with Pastor Rick Warren, founder of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life, he discussed the new initiative to finish The Great Commission ahead of Christianity’s 2,000th anniversary in 2033.

Additionally, Bankert spoke with former DreamWorks executive and President of production for The Chosen Mark Sourian on why Hollywood has largely ignored communities of faith and the overall industry.

Watch the full special below

Full Interviews: Cast and Creators

Chosen Cast: Jonathan Roumie (Jesus)

'The Chosen': Creator Dallas Jenkins

Pastor Rick Warren on 'The Chosen'

Chosen Cast: Noah James (Andrew)

Chosen Cast: Yasmine Al-Bustami and Joey Vahedi (Ramah and Thomas)

Chosen Cast: Abe Bueno-Jallad and George Xanthis (Big James and John)

Chosen Cast: Vanessa Benavente and Lara Silva (Virgin Mary and Eden)

Chosen Cast: Paras Patel and Elizabeth Tabish (Matthew and Mary Magdalene)

Mark Sourian, head of production and former DreamWorks exec.