Nerves run high as Air India flight is diverted to Russia

  • A flight from Delhi to San Fransisco was diverted to Russia
  • Air India: A ferry flight with essentials will be sent for those onboard
  • The son of one passenger says there has been little communication

(NewsNation) — Air India sent an airplane to Russia Wednesday to pick up passengers whose flight to San Francisco was diverted due to engine troubles.

Amarjeet Kaur Sohi, 82, is one of the American passengers currently stuck in Russia waiting for the ferry flight. Her son says he hasn’t heard from her since the plane made an emergency landing over 24 hours ago.

“It’s terrible. everybody is nervous since it’s in Russia,” Amarjeet’s son Gurdev Sohi told NewsNation, explaining that his mother is diabetic and traveling alone. “I hope they take care of them. I hope everybody is okay there.”

Gurdev, a resident of Fresno, California, says the airline has not provided much information, “making everybody a little nervous.”

Air India says the Boeing 777 suffered an engine problem that forced it to land in the remote town of Magadan, Russia.

A source at the Magadan airport told Reuters Air India engineers would arrive on the reserve plane with spare parts.

The flight had 216 passengers and 16 crew members on the Tuesday flight from Delhi, per Reuters.

In a statement about the replacement aircraft headed to Russia, Air India said, “The ferry flight is carrying essentials in addition to a sufficient amount of food to cater to all passengers on the onward flight scheduled from Russia to San Francisco. The aircraft operating the ferry flight will take all passengers and crew onwards to San Francisco on June 8.”

There are under 50 U.S. citizens on the flight, according to a briefing from a State Department spokesperson.

Gurdev says the news of the ferry flight provides a “little relief,” but adds, “I won’t feel better until I see her in front of my eyes.”


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