Two 81-year-old women traveled the world in 80 days

  • Two best friends visited 18 countries across all seven continents
  • Hamby: Every country had something great about it
  • Hazelip said she did not enjoy riding a camel but had to experience it

ABILENE, Texas (NewsNation) — Two 81-year-old women are proving to the world that you can experience adventure at any age.

Eleanor “Ellie” Hamby and Dr. Sandra “Sandy” Hazelip have been best friends for over 20 years, and they’ve been busy traveling the world in 80 days.

Hamby and Hazelip started planning their trip a few years back, but the pandemic briefly interrupted their goal of traveling the world in 80 days at 80 years old.

However, after a couple of years, the two were able to complete their trip, visiting 18 countries across all seven continents.

They documented their journey online through their blog and quickly gained popularity on social media.

In an interview with NewsNation’s Keleigh Beeson on “Morning in America,” Hamby gave credit to Hazelip for coming up with the idea for the two to take this trip.

Their first stop: Antarctica.

While Hamby said every country they visited had something great about it, her favorite place they visited was Easter Island, where they saw the Moai. She said seeing the “magnificent, mysterious statues” was just “phenomenal.”

Hazelip explained that in the past, she and Hamby went on many fun trips. It was about four or five years ago — before they were going to turn 80 — when Hazelip turned to Hamby and mentioned it would be fun for them to travel the world in 80 days at 80.

“Ellie’s eyes got big and we started the plans,” Hazelip said.

Hamby told NewsNation’s Mitch Carr that one of her least favorite activities was riding a camel.

“It is not fun,” she said. “You were holding on for dear life. And to get off the camels is the same thing. We just do it because we just have to do it. But it’s not our most fun exercise or adventure.”

They both said they chose to travel the world with each other because they travel the same way. They both didn’t want to travel with someone they knew was going to be uptight about late flights or disruptions.

“Ellie and I are very relaxed,” Hazelip said. “We say it will work out, and we are both budget travelers.”

Hamby proudly flaunted their trip savings, explaining that the two of them budgeted an average of $29 a person per night for their hotels. They said they wouldn’t be able to afford it any other way. Plus, they said they meet more people and have more fun experiences when they budget travel than if they were to stay at big five-star hotels.


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