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What’s Good: Mother continues legacy of young daughter | Morning in America

VP Kamala Harris goes one-on-one with Nexstar | Morning in America

Centerton Police searching for runaway go-kart driver

Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine | Morning in America

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Schools asking parents to be subs

At least 2 killed after Marine vehicle carrying 19 crashes in North Carolina | Rush Hour

Trooper: Military vehicle lost control while turning in crash that killed at least two

Winter Olympics Approaching

Trash piling up across the country amid worker shortage | Morning in America

Oldest F-16 pilot bids farewell to the skies | Morning in America

Daycares struggle to stay afloat amid omicron | Morning in America

2 out of 3 daycares impacted by the pandemic | Morning in America

Report: Justice Neil Gorsuch refuses to wear mask in the courtroom | Morning in America

Biden says Putin will pay 'dear price' if he invades Ukraine | Rush Hour

President Joe Biden to hold first news conference of 2022 | Morning in America

NewsNation questions Biden about voting rights, COVID | Morning in America

Biden pushes back on schools closing | The Donlon Report

President Biden on COVID-19, voting and Russia in first news conference of 2022

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