65% of Americans would take pay cut to work remotely


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NEW YORK CITY (NewsNation Now) — Would you take a pay cut to continue being able to work from home? 65% of Americans said they would in a new survey.

The poll commissioned by Breeze asked 1,000 Americans if they would take a pay cut or how many benefits they would give up if they were able to work entirely remotely.

Of all the questions and perks asked about, most people said they would take a 5% pay cut to work entirely remotely.

The percentages went down as more severe pay cuts were proposed. With only 15% willing to take a 25% pay cut to work fully remotely.

The Results by Generation:

When it came to benefits, responses varied depending on the benefit asked about. A sizeable percentage of participants were willing to give up every benefit asked about in exchange for the ability to work fully remotely.

39% would give up health insurance while 50% would give up vision and 44% would give up dental.

Breeze also asked participants if they would give up their paid time off on a sliding scale. 46% were willing to give up 25% of PTO. Only 15% would give up all their time off.

53% were even willing to work an extra 10 hours a week if it meant they could work remotely.

Many workers became accustomed to the benefits of working remotely which allowed them to save money on childcare and space out the work day more. Others appreciate having the ability to work anywhere allowing them to choose to live in a place with a less expensive cost of living.

Workers who have worked remotely throughout the pandemic have begun slowly returning to work in person though different companies have been flexible if a hybrid in-person and remote work balance would be allowed.

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