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IRS sending October installment of child tax credit

Strike dodged with deal between film and TV crews, studios

Gas prices skyrocket nationwide

More Americans choosing cremations over burials in funerals

Missing in America: Alicia Navarro

Widow of Parkland school shooting victim speaks out

Marine officer receives reprimand for Afghanistan criticism

Parents believe missing 17-year-old girl was lured out of home by older man

Salmonella outbreak from unknown food source sickens people in 36 states as cases climb

Jan. 6 House panel moves to recommend charges if subpoenas not followed

John Deere workers strike continues

Netflix transgender group calls for walkout over Dave Chappelle jokes

Lt. Col. takes us inside courtroom where Stuart Scheller pleaded guilty

Has the ‘defund the police’ movement flopped?

Bill Clinton recovering from infection in California hospital

Congress considers criminal charges against Steve Bannon

Jan 6th committee pursuing criminal contempt charge against Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon in potential legal jeopardy after ignoring Jan. 6 committee subpoena

UFO sighting in Paterson? Inside the mysterious lights above

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