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Trooper fired over vaccine mandate celebrates his decision | The Donlon Report

Chicago police officers lose badges for defying vaccine mandate | Rush Hour

Brookshire plane crash - KIAH

Parents cite challenges monitoring kids on social media

FDA to authorize mix and match COVID-19 vaccines

Haitian gang behind kidnapping of missionaries demanding $17 million | Rush Hour

Hostage negotiator talks freeing Americans trapped in Haiti | NewsNation Prime

Trump aide Steve Bannon faces contempt vote by Jan. 6 committee | Rush Hour

The Psychology of a Fugitive | Banfield

Wine shortage? Glass bottle scarcity affecting wineries

Wine shortage: Delays on glass bottles hit wineries

Electric car explosion

Nurses at Minnesota hospital on strike

ER shut down while nurses strike for better pay

Sec. Pete Buttigieg predicts supply chain crisis will stretch into 2022

Colin Powell remembered by American leaders

Sec. Lloyd Austin reacts to Gen. Colin Powell's death

Jan. 6 panel meeting Tuesday for Steve Bannon contempt vote

First fundraiser for Gabby Petito Foundation

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