Attorney for suspect in Bob Lee murder speaks out 

  • Bob Lee’s accused killer plead not guilty in court
  • Defense: Stabbing was cross between accident, self-defense
  • Defense attorney Paula Canny speaks out on "Banfield" 

(NewsNation) — NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield questioned attorney Paula Canny on how her client, Nima Momeni, allegedly “accidentally” stabbed Cash App founder Bob Lee three times and then drove away.

Canny said Momeni was with Lee the night he died, but that Lee’s death was not a premeditated murder. The incident was “a cross between self-defense and accident. There was no premeditation, deliberation, absolutely not,” Canny told reporters Thursday.

Canny wouldn’t elaborate on how Momeni accidentally stabbed Lee. She did say that the prosecutor’s description of DNA in court Thursday was new information.

“I never like when prosecutors give new information that I haven’t been provided in discovery. That’s always astounding to me,” Canny said on “Banfield.” “How does a person who’s been mortally wounded walk a football field away?”

Momeni pleaded not guilty in a San Francisco courtroom Thursday morning. A judge denied granting bail to keep the accused killer behind bars as he awaits a preliminary hearing.


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