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Captured American’s mom: ‘We’re going to get you home’

(NewsNation) — Alexander Drueke traveled to Ukraine on his own to help the country’s armed forces fight Russian invaders, but he was taken prisoner during a battle north of Kharkiv.

Another former Marine, Andy Huynh, was also captured by Russian forces. They were then transported to a detention center in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

The family of Drueke met with the U.S. State Department for the first time and say they were reassured that progress is being made.

“We all came away knowing that they put our guys as a top priority. And they’re doing everything they can night and day to have a happy outcome and get them home quickly,” Alexander’s mom, Louis “Bunny” Drueke, told “NewsNation Prime” on Monday.

“After that meeting, I was aware of just how hard they were working. I really feel like they care about us personally. They boys are not just another name. It really is a personal job that they’re taking very seriously,” Drueke said.

Drueke shared the following message for her son.

“You (Alexander) and Andy are not forgotten. Everybody knows about you, and they’re going to continue to hear about you. People are praying for you. People are writing their senators and representatives asking them to not give up the fight. We’re going to get you home, safe and sound.”


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