Flight delays: Chicago, Orlando, NYC rank as worst airports


(NewsNation) — Chicago, Orlando and New York ranked as the worst airports in the country for flight cancelations and delays in the month of July, according to data from FlightAware.com.

It’s been a rough year for airline travel nationwide as frustrated travelers have grappled with a barrage of cancelations, delays, expensive flights and lost luggage. Travel experts are now saying if you can avoid the busy airport hubs like those in Chicago, Orlando and New York, do it.

“Unless you live in one of these big airline hubs like Chicago, Orlando, stay away from them,” said travel expert Sandra McLemore. “Book a direct flight or at least a layover in an airport that’s not an airport like that. You are less likely, not guaranteed, but less likely to have delays.”

The delays at these airports is caused by the high volume of air traffic heading in and out.

“The airlines have a large number of aircraft flying in and flying out. it means that you’re waiting for your flight to come in from somewhere else,” McLemore said. “Essentially, they are set up by default to have more delays and more cancellations as opposed to maybe a smaller airport.”

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