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Chick-fil-A changes mind, won’t discontinue longtime menu item

Chick-fil-A announced only last week that its restaurants would stop serving the side dish as of April 3. What changed their minds? (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) — Last week, Chick-fil-A announced a change to its menus nationwide — the Side Salad, which has existed on the Chick-fil-A menu in some form or another since 1989 — would be retired. The company previously said the move aimed to “simplify” its offerings.

But Friday, the restaurant walked back its decision, confirming the Side Salad isn’t going anywhere.

“At Chick-fil-A, our guests come first. Based on feedback, we have decided not to proceed with removing our Side Salad from the menu,” reads a statement from Chick-fil-A shared with Nexstar on Friday. “We will continue serving the item at participating restaurant locations and hope customers continue to enjoy this menu offering.”

The salad was originally slated to leave menus on April 3. Chick-fil-A said in its previous announcement that the decision to axe the item was part of an effort “to help simplify our menu.”

Many customers learned of the then-impending change at restaurant locations across the country, where employees provided fliers “letting them know” of the Side Salad’s discontinuation, according to Chick-fil-A. The company also confirmed in a statement that its Kale Crunch Side salad — the only other side-sized salad on its menu — would be upgraded to a larger size and “may be an alternative” to the departing side.

The response from fans, however, was apparently enough to change Chick-fil-A’s mind. One fan even proposed starting a petition to resurrect the side.

“The Side Salad is my all-time favorite, my go-to. It pairs well with everything,” tweeted the customer. “Just to get rid of it like that, I’m devastated. I’m rioting. I’m starting a petition to keep the side salad. Justice for Chick-fil-A Side Salad!”

Following news of Chick-fil-A keeping its Side Salad, several restaurant operators from across the country took to social media to spread the news.

“Your voice was heard by our corporate office which led them to the decision to keep the side salad on the menu!” reads a tweet posted on the Twitter account of a Texas Chick-fil-A. “We apologize for the frustration this has caused, but hope you can rejoice in knowing your meals, consisting of side salads, are here to stay!”

Side Salads aren’t the only thing coming back, either. Chick-fil A said this week that its Watermelon Mint Lemonade will return to menus nationwide starting April 3. In addition to the original flavor, the chain will offer three new versions including Watermelon Mint Sunjoy, Watermelon Mint Frosted Lemonade and Watermelon Mint Iced Tea.


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