Concern over recent large political gatherings as the US nears 10 million coronavirus cases


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Concern looms about possible COVID-19 outbreaks after recent political rallies and marches across the country after word President-elect Joe Biden won the election.

At some of the rallies, people did not adhere to social distancing guidelines and many were seen not wearing face masks.

Tensions were high at a pro-President Trump “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, Oregon where protesters and counterprotesters were seen pushing and shoving each other — some without face masks.

The gathering was eventually declared unlawful and police cleared out the area. 

Officers arrested several people.

A rally in Arizona remained fairly peaceful, however, most who gathered in front of an election office in Phoenix over the weekend did not appear to be wearing masks or be following social distancing guidelines.

In Washington, D.C., supporters of President-elect Joe Biden were also seen ignoring social distancing guidelines. Video showed them cheering and hugging while celebrating the victory near the White House on Saturday. However, it did appear that a majority of the revelers were wearing masks.

One rally where social distancing and face mask-wearing was very apparent was at a rally in Ohio. More than 100 people gathered in downtown Cleveland to show their support for President-elect Joe Biden on Sunday. It appeared most of those gathered remained six feet apart while keeping their masks on.

It may be several days before we find out whether these rallies may have caused an increase in COVID-19 cases.

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