Some House members allege tours given to rioters day before Capitol attack

Capitol Riots

WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — A Congresswoman, joined in a call for an investigation by more than 30 of her Democratic lawmakers, claims that some of her own, currently unnamed colleagues gave tours inside the U.S. Capitol one day before the breach to those who took part in the assault and vandalism last Wednesday.

House Rep. Miki Sherrill, D-NJ, and 30 Democratic colleagues sent a letter to the newly installed Acting House Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police Chief, making claims and asking questions, including whether authorities track visitors to the Capitol by members of Congress.

In an interview Wednesday night on MSNBC, Sherill elaborated on the allegations and status of the investigation she and her fellow Democrats called for.

“That investigation has started and is ongoing. Make no mistake, the only way these people got access, is if another member got them access or walked them in,” Sherrill said.

The letter calling for investigation stated visitors are not allowed inside at this time because of the pandemic, even tours by members of Congress, unless for official business.

“So, to see these groups was very striking, and to see them the next day was very shocking,” Sherrill said.

House Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said he needs to hear more evidence.

“If somebody is going to make a charge like that, they better be able to back it up,” Roy said.

Former Rep. Ben MacAdams, D-Utah, agrees that Capitol tours are a privilege of being a member, but that times have changed.

“I would often take constituents who are in town, I take them in the evening to tour the Capitol, and that’s a privilege that you have as a member of Congress. But in March, those tours ended and the Capitol was shut down to anyone but immediate family,” he said.

Getting to the bottom of this will take time. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said it is simply part of investigating Jan. 6.

“We should ask all members, if they were giving tours, in the in the days, prior to January 6, I would hope every member would volunteer that information, it doesn’t mean that anything, you know, anybody, a member of Congress was necessarily conspiring,” Ryan said.

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