Democratic National Convention will be virtually held on Monday


WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — It’s not cliche to say the Democratic National Convention next week will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

“It’s obviously going to look a little different than expected,” said DNC Deputy Communications Director, Chris Meagher.

It will be virtually all virtual.

Meagher says for the first time in history delegates and speakers have been asked to stay home but says that has its advantages.

“This is the biggest convention stage we’ve ever had before. Now we’re not limited to a podium on a stage, we’re going into people’s living rooms, and their schools,” said Meagher.

He says most speakers, including the candidates and former presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will speak virtually. This year the DNC is also highlighting ordinary citizens who will deliver speeches from home.

“We’re not just talking about what’s happening in Washington D.C., we’re talking about what’s happening in real peoples’ lives,” said Meagher.

While recent polls have President Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, they also give the president an advantage for the enthusiasm in his base. However, there are questions about whether a virtual convention can bridge that gap.

 “Just look at the last three days, people are fired up by that announcement,” said Meagher.

The announcement of VP candidate Kamala Harris. President Trump says given her poll numbers during the primaries he’s not concerned.

“I watched her poll numbers go down boom, boom, boom down to almost nothing. And she left angry,” said Trump.

“Those things mean something; tens of millions of people watch it. They will tune in to watch our presidential nomination,” said Bob Mulholland, a Democratic delegate since 1978.

Mulholland says while tallying votes will be easier with technology, he feels for the young people missing out on what may be their first convention.

“These are things that have a huge impact. If you’re a college student it’s overwhelming. You run into governors. You run into senators. That’s not going to happen and that’s too bad,” said Mulholland.

Mulholland says he looks forward to something new even with his more than 40 years of convention experience.

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