‘Don’t just ignore it’: Postpartum depression in men


NEW YORK (WPIX) — Many of us have heard of postpartum depression in women, but did you know men deal with the health problem too?

A recent study and the American Medical Association estimate that about 10% of dads are confronted with it. 

Psychologist Dan Singley of the Center for Men’s Excellence in San Diego said people don’t hear much about it’s often just associated with women.

Singley also said it likely isn’t talked about as much due to the stigma against mental health and discussing it. 

He also said men can experience symptoms during pregnancy as well as after birth. 

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Symptoms include not only depression, but also anxiety, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. Symptoms may also show up differently than how depression is usually perceived, including irritation, withdrawal, isolation and increase in drug or alcohol consumption, Singley added.

There is a biological component in men that changes after the birth of their babies, according to Singley. Factors also include the state of the relationship between the parents and if they have a preexisting history of depression or anxiety.

 Is there a treatment for this? Ask questions and see how they’re really doing.

There are also support groups and resources available, including Postpartum Support International.

Singley also hosts telephone chats for dads who want to discuss everything. Psychotherapy, support groups and medications are also an option, he added.

“Don’t just ignore it,” Singley said. “If you’re struggling or suffering, it’s not your fault.”

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