Drownings rising in many parts of the country


(NewsNation) — Drownings are a tragedy that take just seconds to occur and are up in many parts of the country this year.

There are 11 drownings on average every day in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Most of the drownings happen at pools, due to a gate being left open or because the victims were not strong swimmers.

NewsNation shared a recent story of a Kansas toddler who survived a potential drowning thanks to an adult who jumped in to help, but across the country, other cases have been deadly.

In Palm Beach County, the medical examiner recorded 11 drownings from Jan. 1 to May 31 of 2021. This year there’s been an increase of 45% — with 16 drownings so far.

The Louisiana Department of Health confirmed a similar alarming trend.

Child drownings are on the rise there due to the victim’s inability to swim, lack of supervision outside and unfenced pools and spas.

According to Lawrence-Douglas County medic Rob Fleeup, half of the drownings for ages 15 and younger are cases where the victims just slip under the surface unnoticed.

And as the weather heats up and people head out to the beach or nearby lakes nearby to cool off — there’s also a concern and need for water safety awareness.

Amid a national shortage of lifeguards, dangerous currents and strong riptides have been the cause of death for many — not just children.

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project tracks drownings and says the numbers are up 71% this year over last year.

As of May 24, there have been 24 drownings in the Great Lakes, most of them occurring in Lake Michigan.

Search and rescue teams are asking parents and children to follow red flag warnings and to avoid the water when it’s too rough.

Young children should always be supervised near any body of water. If you have a pool, fence it and close the gate. And if you’re swimming in the ocean or at a lake — regardless of your age — don’t go too far from shore.

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