Early child care providers in DC will now need degrees

  • Early child care providers will need at least an associate's degree
  • The law applies to many at-home daycare providers as well as teachers
  • Facility directors will be required to hold a bachelor's degree

(NewsNation) — By December 2023, preschool teachers and certain at-home child care providers will be required to have an associate’s degree to continue working.

Alicia Morales Escobar recently graduated from a new program targeting bilingual child care providers.

“I was very worried. I thought that I was going to lose my job,” Escobar said.

Escobar feared losing her job, not because she was worried about finding another one, but because she loves working with children and families.

“This was my dream since I was a teenager, when I saw kindergarten teachers, I saw a reflection of myself,” Escobar said.

Now that she’s finished with school, Escobar is looking forward to taking on a role as a teacher.

“I feel very happy and very proud to be graduating and being prepared for being an educator,” she said.


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