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Gen Z isn’t prepared for professional work environment: Report

  • 40% of business leaders say recent graduates are unprepared for workforce
  • Claim: Gen Z spends large portion of time on social media, isolated
  • Mathews holds classes for students looking to improve social skills

(NewsNation) — Anyone who has ever gone through a job interview knows it can be tough, stressful and sometimes even awkward, especially as a recent graduate.

A recent survey by Intelligent found that 40% of business leaders believe recent college grads are not prepared for professional environments.

Jana Mathews, a professor at Rollins College, explained to NewsNation that many young adults aren’t prepared for job interviews. She said many walk into the meeting with headphones in, they don’t know how to shake hands, make eye contact or actively engage in conversation.

Mathews said a part of this is that Gen Z spends much of their social life on their phones. Another part of it is that these students spent a large amount of time at home during the pandemic lockdowns rather than in person at school.

These factors have held them back socially, Mathews said.

Recent graduates struggle with writing cover letters and replying to messages on time, along with all of the skills needed for an in-person conversation.

Mathews hosts week-long boot camps over school breaks where hundreds of students sign up to learn the basic necessities to succeed post-school.

One thing she does is have the kids film themselves practicing their elevator pitches. Then, she has them watch it back to see how they need to improve.

She recommended that young adults practice these skills this week over the Thanksgiving holiday in front of family, practicing interviews with people at the dinner table.


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