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Fly to Las Vegas, Miami and more for $39 with Spirit one-day sale

(NEXSTAR) – If you’re looking for an excuse to book a summer trip, this may be it.

Spirit Airlines announced a flash sale featuring flights to vacation hotspots such as Miami and Myrtle Beach for less than the cost of a tank of gas in some states.

There are some caveats, of course, with the main one being that you only have hours to choose a destination and book. Flights must be purchased before 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 26.

Depending on where you fly from, you may be able to snag a one-way fare as low as $39 ($29 for members of the airline’s loyalty program) to cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Las Vegas, New York and more.

The fares are valid for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between May 3, 2023, and June 13, 2023, and there is a seven-day advanced purchase requirement. Keep in mind that Spirit will charge if you bring more luggage than the allowed personal item, which is roughly the size of a laptop bag or purse.

“Oftentimes the big, summer life moments like weddings, graduations and reunions require travel, and we want to help our guests savor those experiences,” Lania Rittenhouse, vice president of guest experience, brand & communications for Spirit Airlines, told Nexstar in a statement. 

With airline fares up more than 17% over this time last year, it’s not surprising that a recent study from Bankrate published Wednesday found that 80% of people taking a vacation this summer are tweaking their plans due to inflation.

Popular cost-saving changes to the itinerary included traveling for fewer days, traveling a shorter distance, driving instead of flying or enjoying cheaper activities while on vacation.

As for where Americans are traveling this summer, “a beach” remains the top option this year (39%), followed by “a city” and “a staycation” tied with 28%. Twenty-three percent of those likely to go on a summer vacation said they would go to a national park.


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