Brian Laundrie’s sister to be deposed in civil suit

  • The Petito family is suing the Laundries for emotional distress
  • They claim the family knew Brian Laundrie killed Gabby Petito
  • Cassie Laundrie spoke to the media wishing for Gabby's safe return

(NewsNation) — Brian Laundrie’s sister, Cassie Laundrie, will be deposed ahead of a civil suit brought against the Laundries by the family of Gabby Petito.

Petito’s parents, Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt, are suing the Laundrie family and their attorney, Steven Bertolino, for emotional distress over statements made during the time Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were considered missing. Cassie spoke to the media during that time, saying she hoped Gabby would be found.

Petito and Schmidt claim the Laundrie family already knew Gabby was dead at that time. In the lawsuit, they said the Laundrie family was aware Brian had killed Gabby and took no action other than saying they hoped Gabby would be found.

Gabby Petito was on a road trip with Brian Laundrie, her fiancé, when she disappeared. While the couple posted seemingly happy photos on social media, witnesses and police reported incidents of domestic violence.

Gabby was reported missing in late August and her remains were found in Wyoming in September. During the time Gabby was missing, Brian drove the van back to his Florida home by himself before being reported missing himself. His remains were found in Florida in October.

The civil suit between Petito’s family and Laundries is set to go to trial in May 2024. The family was previously awarded $3 million in a wrongful death lawsuit brought against Brian Laundrie’s estate.

Gabby Petito Case

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