Gabby Petito: Is Laundrie dangerous? What other leads do the FBI have? NewsNation answers your questions

Gabby Petito Case

NORTH PORT, Fla. (NewsNation Now) — NewsNation’s Brian Entin and former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer are once again answering viewer questions about the Gabby Petito investigation.

Do police feel that Brian laundry is dangerous to the public?

Entin: There’s no official FBI wanted poster right now for Brian Laundrie. They haven’t come out and said that he’s armed and dangerous, but obviously if you happen to spot him, the best thing to do (is) don’t approach him. Just make sure and call 911 or the FBI right away.

The FBI is very vocal about their investigations in Carlton Reserve and keeping an update on that daily, yet they have not addressed any of the other potential leads like the DeSoto campground, the possible sightings. Why are they so on top of updating the Carlton Reserve but not anywhere else?

Coffindaffer: The FBI is definitely investigating multiple areas concerning this particular case. However, the Carlton Reserve, due to that deer cam (footage of Laundrie), due to the information from the parents, due to the Mustang being there, they just want to make sure they have not left any stone unturned at that Carlton Reserve.

Do you think the FBI is tracking the parents’ phone calls to see if they’re reaching out to Brian or Brian’s reaching out to them?

Coffindaffer: Yes, I mean, that is definitely something they’re going to be looking at. They probably have what we call a pen register on the phones. They’re going to be tracking pings, they’re going to be tracking all calls in and out from those phones.

Was Gabby’s phone ever recovered? And if it wasn’t, is there a possibility that Brian never actually had a cellphone, that he had Gabby’s cellphone, and that’s how he was communicating back and forth with his parents.

Entin: Well, this has certainly been a point of confusion and there has definitely been some mystery surrounding this and some different statements. You go back to that body camera video from Utah. Brian told the Moab police that he did not have a cellphone in that body camera video, but then later in the body camera video alluded to the fact that he did have a cellphone, so we’re not really sure. Another interesting point is the Laundrie parents. Their attorney said that when Brian went missing, when he allegedly went for that hike in the swamp, they say that he left his cellphone behind.

In what situation would the Laundries be forced to talk to law enforcement? And how close is the evidence that we have right now to big enough for law enforcement to bring them in?

Coffindaffer: So, the Laundrie family is under no obligation to come in. They do not want to incriminate themselves and they are covered by the amendment saying they don’t have to. That’s why they’ve retained counsel. Also to answer questions on their behalf. And there is really not a situation at this point where they’re going to be forced to testify, even if it went to trial. If it was something that was incriminating toward them, they would not be forced to testify.

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