George Will: Gabbard’s departing speech was puzzling


(NewsNation) — Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a onetime presidential candidate, announced she was leaving the Democratic Party in a bombastic speech in which she said the party was run by a “cabal” and “warmongers.”

Gabbard, a frequent Fox News contributor who has for years butted heads with those in her party, made the announcement on the first episode of her new podcast.

NewsNation political contributor and Washington Post columnist George Will said Gabbard’s parting comments for the Democratic Party were perplexing.

“What puzzles me, frankly, is her description of the Democrats as ‘warmongers,'” Will said. “Joe Biden has been very circumspect, tentative and measured in his response to Ukraine, ruling out from the first there would be no direct U.S. involvement with troops.”

“Therefore, when Gabbard says the Democrats, and she has to mean the commander-in-chief at the moment, is a warmonger, she must consider it unacceptable to assist Ukraine with material and moral support when it’s the subject of unprovoked aggression. I’m not sure how large a constituency there is in this country for that point of view.”

Will’s full interview can be viewed in the video above.

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