Girl Scouts team up with delivery apps to make buying cookies safe and easy during pandemic


WACO, Texas (KWKT) — Madelyn Rodriguez, an 11-year-old China Spring, Texas Girl Scout, was worried people wouldn’t buy Girl Scout cookies this year – and since the girls can’t camp outside grocery stores because of COVID-19, the organization needed a new plan.

They teamed up with delivery apps Grub Hub and Favor to make the process safe and easy. You can order and pay for the cookies right on your phone, and a Girl Scout will drop them at your doorstep.

“It’s so much easier,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t have to see the person. I can just get the person’s cookies and set them on their doorstep, and there is no contact required.”

With still over a month left in cookie season, Rodriguez has sold nearly 300 boxes.

Still, when she got an unexpected donation, she paid it forward.

“I got cookies, about 100 boxes, and we donated them to my volunteer fire department and the VA,” Rodriguez said. “People just need happiness in these times, and it’s not very big. It’s something small that’ll just warm their heart.”

While she may not see it, Rodriguez’s work ethic and caring heart are making her community, and her mom, proud.

“She continues to amaze me,” says Amanda, Rodriguez’s mother. “She’s a great kid, and I’m super proud of her. She’s exceeded her goals every single year. She sets the bar high and reaches even higher.”

Cookies will be available for order and delivery through GrubHub beginning Feb. 1 in select markets across the country. Cookies are also available online for shipping or delivery by individual Girl Scout troops.

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