Four GOP megadonors opposing Trump


(NewsNation) — After the GOP failed to produce a red wave in the midterm election, questions are being raised about the leadership and direction of the Republican Party.

While former President Donald Trump announced he would be running for a third time in 2024, some influential Republican supporters are calling for new leadership. Three major donors have recently announced that they won’t be supporting Trump this time around.

1. Stephen Schwarzman

In a statement, Schwarzman said it was time for the Republican Party to find new leaders.

Schwarzman, a billionaire, is co-founder and CEO of the private equity firm Blackstone and has donated millions to Republican campaigns. His net worth is estimated at $34.8 billion.

In 2020, Schwarzman donated $3 million to the America First Action Super PAC, which supported Trump.

2. Ken Griffin

Griffin is the founder of hedge fund Citadel and has an estimated net worth of $27.2 billion. He has a history of donating to community efforts during the pandemic, as well as donating to philanthropic causes.

Speaking at a forum in Singapore, Griffin called Trump a “three-time loser” and said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should run for the Republican nomination in 2024.

In 2020, Griffin donated to a number of Republican funds, including the Senate Leadership Fund, but did not specifically donate to any super PACs supporting Trump.

3. Andy Sabin

Sabin is the owner of Sabin Metal Corporation, a precious metals refinery. The millionaire is a noted Republican donor as well as a conservationist and environmentalist.

In 2020, Sabin gave $120,000 to Trump’s campaign.

Sabin blamed Trump for Republican losses in the midterm election and has donated $55,000 to DeSantis. He recently told CNBC that he would not give Trump “a f—ing nickel.”

4. Ronald Lauder

Estée Lauder heir Ronald Lauder told CNBC he won’t back Trump for another run. Worth $4.5 billion, Lauder previously served as an informal adviser to Trump on Israel.

In 2019, Lauder donated millions to the Republican National Committee, which helped fund Trump’s reelection campaign.

Lauder has not said who he will back in 2024, but he has previously donated to DeSantis.

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