Happy package theft season: The states most and least likely to have a problem

The holiday shopping season means more boxes being delivered to people’s doors. That means more opportunities for package theft. (Photo: Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – Now that holiday shopping is practically synonymous with online shopping, more packages will be delivered to homes around the country in the coming weeks. And more packages means more opportunities for package theft.

Analysis of FBI crime data from 2019 conducted by CCTV Camera World found which states have the highest rates of larceny theft per capita. The FBI doesn’t track package theft specifically, but categorizes it as a type of larceny (defined as stealing someone else’s property).

The area with the highest rate of larceny, the analysis found, was Washington, D.C., which makes sense given its density.

The states with the most reported larceny thefts per capita were:

  1. Louisiana
  2. South Carolina
  3. Hawaii
  4. Alaska
  5. Oregon
  6. Arkansas
  7. New Mexico
  8. Tennessee
  9. Washington
  10. Alabama

The states with the fewest larceny thefts per capita were:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Idaho
  3. Maine
  4. New Hampshire
  5. New Jersey
  6. Connecticut
  7. West Virginia
  8. Michigan
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Wisconsin

As package theft becomes a growing problem, some states have passed laws categorizing it as a crime with its own set of punishments. Earlier this year, California expanded its laws on mail theft to include packages delivered by private carriers, like Amazon. Stealing a package from someone’s porch could now get you a fine, jail time or both.

The law in Texas is even tougher. In 2019, the state made mail theft a felony. Those convicted of stealing from lots of people – between 20 and 50 – could face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

See the full ranking of states by larceny rates here.


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