Feel left out of Mother’s Day? The ‘Other’s Day’ may be for you

  • The Other's Day Brunch brings women together for support and community
  • Founder Lana Manikowski says there are many who dread Mother's Day
  • Manikowski wants them to feel valued and loved regardless of other factors

(NewsNation) — A Chicago woman hosts a gathering for those who don’t feel like a part of Mother’s Day celebrations — the Other’s Day Brunch.

“I want women to know that they can really wake up on Mother’s Day, or the weekend ahead of Mother’s Day, and just feel joyful and proud of who they are,” Manikowski said. “Whether you have no children, or maybe a bond with somebody who isn’t biologically your mother, but someone that you want to feel connected to, you can seek that and find that at the Other’s Day”

Lana Manikowski joined “NewsNation Prime” to share her story and the mission behind the Other’s Day brunch.

“There are so many women, whether they have infertility and can’t have children, or are just really struggling to feel connected, I wanted to create an opportunity for them to feel loved and connected.”

“I want everyone to know that whether you’re a mother or not, you’re valued, you’re supported, you’re loved, and that you can create connection, no matter where you want to go,” Manikowski added.


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