How many police officers patrol New York’s MTA system?


(NewsNation) — In the wake of the New York subway shooting that left 17 people injured and others fearing for their lives, many are questioning the security of public transit, especially in bustling cities like New York.

Prior to Wednesday’s violence, Mayor Eric Adams announced that more police officers, including uniformed, high-ranking officers, would be present at subway stations. Now, that push is stronger than before.

“Omnipresence is the key,” Adams said. “People feel the system is not safe because they don’t see officers. We’re going to bring a visual presence to our systems.”

The new initiative will help New Yorkers feel safe, especially in a city where more than half the population relies on public transportation.

Currently, more than 3,500 officers service the entire Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

According to a 2021 customer survey conducted by MTA, 90 percent of subway riders who had not yet returned to the trains said that their concern about crime and harassment was a major factor in when and if they would return.

Of those who had returned to using the subway, 64 percent, said they felt safer seeing uniformed police officers on platforms or trains.

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