Arizona farmer helping migrants on their journey into the US


SAN LUIS, Ariz. (NewsNation) — The journey to the U.S. is one of desperation for many, and it’s the desperate cries for help in the cold that one Yuma County farming supervisor can’t ignore.

Although still separated by the border wall, Luis Ames can be found helping migrants every day, meeting them with their hands stretched out, grasping for a lifeline after their long journey into the U.S.

“They told me it’s been three days since they last ate. That’s when I went and bought a lot of food and made three to four trips back and forth until they were all taken care of,” Ames told NewsNation.

Yoel Espino is from the Dominican Republic. He said he walked for 26 days from the southernmost point in Mexico and is hoping to get to Boston to be with friends. He said the border is wide open.

“We’ve tried the last couple of days to get here but couldn’t; today, we could finally get here,” Espino said.

Like Espino, many migrants said they’re leaving nothing, trying for something and in the worst-case scenario, they’ll go back to nothing, so they try and make the journey to America. For them, the border is open and the wall won’t stop them.

Espino said that he is a barber and learned some English so that he could get a job in America.

“They are here as long as the U.S. government will allow it, it is better than anything back home,” he said.

Many migrants feel that being cold, tired and hungry is better than being back home.

“I want everyone to know how dire the situation is in this area. It’s a sad situation to see everything that these individuals are going through,” Ames said.

Many migrants will be successful, as the Department of Homeland Security sources confirmed more than 250,000 people crossed into the U.S. illegally last month. The majority of them will be released into the U.S. with a court date. This all comes as the Biden administration is resuming construction of the border wall this week.

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