Chasing the dream: Migrants explain why they came to US

  • Millions of people come to the U.S. every year from different countries
  • Some sacrifice their savings and sometimes their lives to get here
  • Migrants NewsNation spoke to said they came for safety, American values

(NewsNation) — Millions of people try to enter the United States every year, leaving everything behind, traversing through multiple countries, and even spending their entire savings for a piece of the American dream.

For many, it’s a dream that is worth everything — even their own lives.

Akalena Solya, a migrant from Nicaragua, says in her home country, people are being killed.

After coming to the U.S., Solya says she has run into a number of nice people.

“We received plenty of help… like food, like clothes,” Solya said.

Over the last year, immigration policies have shifted dramatically, impacting who is being allowed to stay in the United States. Recently, Title 42, which allowed migrants to be sent away from the U.S. on public health grounds, expired. Now, border officials are continuing to use Title 8 to remove migrants who do not have a legal basis to stay in America. Under Title 8, those who cross the border unlawfully are subject to criminal consequences, such as deportation and a five-year ban.

Carlos, a migrant from Venezuela, says his goal is to make sure this doesn’t happen to him.

“The plan is to find a job that’s legal, not having to run in fear or worry that they will export you to Mexico,” he said. “The main concern is getting sent back to Mexico and having to start the process all over again.”

As NewsNation’s Ali Bradley walked from the city of Tapachula, Mexico, with a group of migrants. One of them, Victor from El Salvador, carried an American flag.

“America was built on values,” Victor said.

Some migrants believe in these American values more than they do those of their own country. Igor, another migrant, said if he stayed where he is from, he would have been sent to the front line in Russia’s war against Ukraine — something he didn’t stand behind.

“Thank you Joseph Biden for this opportunity,” Igor said. “God bless you, God bless USA.”

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