Border chief: Busing plans bringing more migrants to border

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(NewsNation) ā€” The decision by a few Republican governors to send migrants to so-called sanctuary cities unannounced has drawn the ire of President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats.

The administrationā€™s top border official says those busing plans are having an unexpected effect at the southern border.

As Republican governors in Texas, Florida and Arizona promised to bus more migrants to sanctuary cities, the Biden administrationā€™s top border official, Chris Magnus, is issuing a stark warning. He says itā€™s only attracting more migrants to the southern border, saying whatā€™s going on is a ā€œpull factor.ā€

In response, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now declaring a state of emergency due to the migrant influx, pleading for federal help.

New reporting by the Washington Post questions whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis broke his own state laws by flying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. His state’s own budget provides money to move migrants from Florida, not from other places.

Meanwhile, a recent court ruling could have a lasting impact for people from other countries already living in the U.S. An appeals court ruled the DACA program itself is illegal. More than 10 years after its creation,the ruling could leave hundreds of thousands of ā€œdreamersā€ in limbo.

The program was designed to offer legal status to immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children who’ve lived their whole lives as Americans. Many now worry about being deported.

ā€œI’m scared, I’m terrified. And now I have a 2-year-old son and I have life. I have a family,ā€ a DACA recipient said.

There is bipartisan support for DACA, but to get Republicans on board reform may need to include funding for a border wall and more border security.

But as migrant busing continues, immigration as a political issue remains red-hot. Despite both parties acknowledging the immigration system is broken. Congress has tried and failed for decades to address it.

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