Five suspected cartel members arrested in Texas

  • Southern border apprehensions have slowed but numbers remain high, CBP says
  • This week, five suspected cartel members with guns were arrested in Texas
  • CBP is also investigating the death of an 8-year-old who died in custody

(NewsNation) — While apprehensions of migrants and cartels at the southern border have slowed since the expiration of Title 42, border agents say they continue to see a constant flow of got-aways.

Just this week, five suspected cartel members were arrested in Texas with guns found nearby. Pictures from the Texas Department of Public Safety show the five wearing camouflage gear to avoid being detected. Authorities also discovered two weapons in the mud near the suspected cartel members’ unloaded rifles.

Two juveniles were also found near the suspected cartel members. Sources told NewsNation they appeared frightened during the arrest of the five men.

The men are suspected of being part of the Noreste, or Northeast, Cartel. Authorities continue to investigate.

New details are also coming to light about the tragic death of 8-year-old Anadith Tanay Reyes Alvarez, who died after experiencing a medical emergency while in Border Patrol custody.

The Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident and released an update with key information.

The day Alvarez died, a nurse practitioner denied three or four requests for an ambulance or a hospital visit, the update stated.

Additionally, the day before her death, Alvarez had a fever that was treated by CBP with ice packs and fever-reducing medications. Border Patrol staff was unaware that she had sickle cell anemia.

The cameras at the Border Patrol station in Harlingen, Texas, were not working at the time, which means only three medical encounters were documented, according to the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility.

Despite the girl’s condition, her mother’s pleas and concerns about the extent of treatment required, the medical personnel at the detention site did not transfer Alvarez to a hospital for care. She later suffered a seizure after which she was transported to a local medical center and declared dead.

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