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Mexican officials fear border entry shutdowns amid migrant influx

  • Juarez-El Paso border entry has seen over 2,000 migrants daily
  • Mayor: El Paso has reached its "breaking point"
  • Migrants slide under wire with cardboard on their backs to avoid being cut

EL PASO, Texas (NewsNation) — Mexico’s top officials fear another U.S.-Mexico border closure as the Juarez-El Paso border crossing has seen 2,000 illegal crossings each day.

Officials are concerned this will lead to another border entry point shutdown like the one in Eagle Pass last week.

Over 1,000 migrants — mostly Venezuelans — have been waiting in long lines at the border, waiting to turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents on the El Paso side.

Standing there for hours in the scorching heat, the migrants wait to make it past the concertina wire to be processed.

Groups of migrants like this trek to the border every day, trying to cross over onto U.S. soil.

NewsNation crews witnessed a group of Venezuelans with a 2-year-old slide right under the concertina wire, placing cardboard on their backs to avoid being cut.

However, this has become common as the humanitarian crisis at the southern border continues to grow.

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