Migrants protest over not being able to apply for asylum

  • Around 300 migrants organized in Ciudad Juarez
  • The migrants protested difficulty applying for asylum in the US
  • Migrants say the government-run CBP One app repeatedly crashes

(NewsNation) — U.S. authorities placed barricades in the middle of Paso Del Norte port of entry on Monday after around 300 migrants in Ciudad Juarez organized on the Mexican side of the port of entry.

The protesting migrants voiced they are not allowed to apply for in-person asylum in the U.S. and made their frustrations known about a fire that killed 40 migrants in a Mexican detention facility in March.

The protest remained peaceful. U.S. Customs and Protection officials deployed as a precaution.

NewsNation recently spoke to migrants living on the streets of Ciudad Juarez upset with the government-run CBP One app and its lack of ability to schedule an asylum interview with officials at the port of entry.

“(We) wait 24 hours just to have only one minute,” one migrant said.

Another migrant added: “Once it’s 9 a.m., the time to register, the app has already crashed. The whole world is on that app.”

Some migrants also tell NewsNation they do not know how much longer they can go living on the streets of Ciudad Juarez and will eventually cross illegally into the U.S. This comes as the Trump-era Title 42 policy is set to expire next month.

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