Migrants border crossings soar despite order Title 42 in place


EAGLE PASS, Texas (NewsNation) — A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration from lifting Title 42, a pandemic-era public health order used to turn away migrants without granting them the chance to seek asylum. 

The preliminary injunction granted on May 20 will remain in effect until an official trial is held.

Currently, thousands are waiting at the US-Mexico border to get into America.

The Big Bend border patrol sector is known as the most treacherous region on the border, with its unforgiving mountains and deserts. However, that didn’t stop 32 migrants clad in camouflage from crossing there this week. All were eventually caught.

“The community, they’re still very nervous. They don’t know it’s the bad guys or good guys,” said Sheriff Tom Schmerber of Maverick County, Texas.

Schmerber said that despite Title 42 staying in place, they expect the border to remain busy but are hopeful the numbers will not grow. 

In April, 234, 088 migrants were encountered at the southern border — an all-time high. Many are coming over by jumping into the Rio Grande River, swimming across and surrendering to law enforcement, and claiming asylum — but not going to a port of entry. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott toured Eagle Pass on Monday, saying migrants with legitimate asylum claims need to start going to the ports of entry.

He said they’re planning to crack down by prosecuting more migrants who cross illegally with trespassing charges and throwing more drug traffickers and human smugglers in prison.

“One thing we talked about the need to do, and that is to send a message that people who cross between the ports of entry, you are subject to arrest,” Abbott said.

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