Migrants found hidden under ceramic pots: Border Patrol

Border Patrol agents discovered three people hidden underneath large ceramic pots at a border checkpoint Monday.

(NewsNation) — People have found a number of creative ways to take humans and drugs across the U.S-Mexico border, like coconuts, coffee cans, carrots — and now, clay pots.

Agents in Laredo, Texas, at a border checkpoint found three people hidden underneath large ceramic pots in the cargo area of a vehicle on Monday.

According to a news release, all the individuals entered the U.S. without authorization from Mexico. They were taken into custody and processed accordingly, Border Patrol said.

“We’ve seen them come across by being inside the chairs of trucks or vans, we’ve seen them hide underneath the dashboard,” Art Del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, told NewsNation. “We’ve even seen people in the engine compartment, which is just super scary because you’re driving down the road and the cars heat up and the engine’s hot.”

For some, they use these methods of getting into the U.S. out of desperation, Del Cueto said. However, these tactics also show those smuggling people into the U.S. don’t care about their safety, he added.

“They don’t see them as human lives,” he said. “They see them as just cargo that they’re trying to bring into the United States.”

Unfortunately, Del Cueto said, this is often just business as usual at the border.

“It shouldn’t be the norm,” he said.


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