NYC mayor faces budget crisis amid migrant influx

  • Mayor Eric Adams said budgets for city agencies will be cut by at least 4%
  • New York City is caring for more than 50,000 migrants, bused from Texas
  • No other city that has received migrants is adjusting its budgets

NEW YORK (NewsNation) — New York City Mayor Eric Adams faces a significant budget crisis due to the influx of migrants who were bused to the city.

Adams has informed most city agencies that their budgets will be cut by at least 4% because of the city’s ongoing migrant crisis, the New York Daily News reported.

New York City is now caring for more than 50,000 migrants, most of whom arrived on buses sent from Texas within the last year.

City officials said caring for migrants has cost the Big Apple more than $8oo million so far, but they believe the cost could reach more than $4 billion by next summer.

In a letter to city administrators, Adams said they need to control their spending for the second year in a row.

The mayor has repeatedly asked the federal government for emergency funding but the city has received no assurances from any federal agencies it’s asking for help.

Other cities caring for bused migrants, including Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, D.C., have said they’re not planning to impose budget constraints to deal with the migrant situation, yet.

New York City has received far more migrants than any of those cities, which is why city officials are asking for more money to help offset the cost of providing food, housing and other services to migrants.

The mayor has until July 1 to submit his budget.


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