Officials issue warning against ‘dangerous’ water crossings at the border


DALLAS (NewsNation Now) — Law enforcement officials are raising concerns over safety issues as migrants attempt to cross the border into the United States through water canals.

A video posted Tuesday from the Rio Grande Valley shows a border patrol agent rescuing an unaccompanied boy struggling to stay afloat. A helicopter followed overhead as the pair was pulled to safety by the rope tied around the agent’s waist.

Perilous water crossings, not just happening in Texas.

Border Patrol agent Greg Bovino performed a swift water demonstration across the All American Canal. The 40-mile aqueduct runs along the California-Mexico border.

“When I got into the middle of the canal, that’s when the main current hit me,” Bovino said. “That’s probably the 18 mph current they’re talking about and it felt like it. It was scary.”

Bovino said most migrants aren’t equipped to weather the current. In the past few months, at least seven migrants have died trying to cross the canal.

“I couldn’t imagine doing it at night and especially not knowing the distance across the canal.” Bovino said.

According to the latest data from Border Patrol released in May, more than 200 bodies have been found by agents along the southern border and about 7,000 rescues of all different kinds have been made this year.

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