Sen. Manchin: It’s past time for immigration reform


(NewsNation Now) — West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, a known moderate, says it’s past time for Congress to pass immigration reform.

Manchin just got back from a trip to the southern border. He’s not blaming the Biden or Trump administrations for the situation, but is calling on Congress to act.

“This is going to be something we deal with whether they want to deal with it or not we did in 2013,” said Manchin.

Manchin says it’s past time for Congress to address immigration reform, and that Congress has itself to blame.

“I’m not blaming the crisis on the present administration of President Biden, or the former administration of President Trump,” explained Manchin.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues to slam the Biden administration for its handling of the flood of migrants at the southern border.

Paul stated, “The administration now is basically putting out a beacon to the world come we’re gonna keep you and so if you say if you have an open invitation to the world, they will.”

He says Biden should re-instate the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy.

“So when you get to the border, and you’re trying to come in illegally, they assess your request, but you stay on the Mexican side of the border, ” explained Paul.

President Biden and Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have both warned migrants to stay away.

To underline that warning, US Border patrol officials released a video showing smugglers tossing toddlers over a 14-foot border barrier in the New Mexico desert.

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