Surge of crossings at the border overloading transportation systems


MCALLEN, Texas  (NewsNation Now) — Border Patrol agents say they encountered more than 188,000 migrants trying to enter the country illegally in June, up four and a half percent from the previous month.

For one Texas community, it is having a significant impact on transportation.

There are four bus companies that operate in and out of McAllen, Texas. Since President Joe Bien’s win, they have added six daily routes, totaling about 250 seats. It is nowhere near enough, City Manager Roy Rodriguez told the New York Post. He said migrants are snatching up seats on the busses after they’ve been released by border patrol.

NewsNation confirmed the information through an affiliate.

He says every day is busy and every bus is full right now.

People cannot buy a ticket for day of travel or even next day travel, so they are having to wait 48 hours.

It’s not just migrants who are vying for those seats or those tickets, locals who depend on those bus services to get them to and from where they’re trying to go as well.

Federal authorities have now logged more than 1 million migrant apprehensions since the start of the fiscal year. The last time we saw a million was 2006.

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