Texas DPS lieutenant on Title 42 remaining in place


(NewsNation) — The Supreme Court has temporarily extended the Trump-era policy, which expels migrants at the border, sending them back to Mexico or their nation of origin.

Originally, it was meant to prevent the spread of COVID, but now it’s one of the only tools the Border Patrol can use to stem the historic migrant surge.

Now, people from all over the world are trying to cross the southern border.

Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez said this is very common.

“We’ve been seeing this from the very beginning, from the start of this border crisis, where you have people from over 100 Different countries that are making their way to the United States,” he explained.

He added, “Especially now what’s taking place in Russia, and of course, with the war in Ukraine, we’re seeing more people from Russia that are actually fleeing and actually making their way to the United States because of the violence.”

Olivarez said now that knowing that Title 42 will be lifted at some point will open the floodgates for more people to come and be created to the country.

“So we expect to see more individuals from all over the world making their way to the United States,” he said.

Olivarez said the Supreme Court’s decision did provide some relief to some extent, but not much has changed as they’ve been dealing with an influx at the border since Title 42 has been in place.

“When you look at the numbers, just over the weekend, the Christmas holiday, there was over 16,400 encounters at the border. Of those, 2,100 were expelled under Title 42. But there were over 14,000 that were released into the country,” he said. “So, really goes to show you that right now, the federal government is not really using Title 42 to its fullest extent. That’s why there’s so many that are being released for now into the country.”

Olivarez said he’s hopeful a post-Title 42 policy will be put in place.

“That’s what’s needed right now to stem the flow of mass migration. If not, we’re gonna continue to see people coming across from all over the world and being released into the country,” he said. “Look at what’s taking place in El Paso right now, when you have, thousands of immigrants that are sleeping in the streets because they have nowhere to go. That’s the cause of the situation without the fact that there’s no effective policy in place.”

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