Texas governor: Biden not doing enough to stop illegal crossings


LA JOYA, Texas (NewsNation Now) — Jesus Martines thought he found a nice, quiet neighborhood in La Joya, Texas, right near the U.S.-Mexico border.

But he says it’s been anything but calm. Home videos recorded by the family show choppers buzzing overhead, border patrol combing through their neighborhood and drivers slamming on the brakes to pick up migrants.

“They just come in, load up, turn around,” said Martines. “I mean, that’s 100 feet from your house. I mean, it happens so often that we just don’t really pay attention to it anymore.”

This week, the Biden administration is putting the border in the spotlight as Vice President Kamala Harris attended the inauguration of the new Honduran president in hopes of brokering a partnership in the region. 

The strategy is simple: if the economic situations improve for residents of central and South Americas, fewer will head to the U.S.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott contends the real problem is that the federal government is not enforcing immigration laws strictly enough to discourage illegal crossings — namely deportations. 

“Somebody has to hold the president accountable for his abandonment of the rule of law in this country,” said the Republican governor.

In a statement to NewsNation, ICE said they “focus its civil immigration enforcement priorities and apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.”

They also added they take it on a case-by-case basis.

But for people like Martines, more resources and patrols would help him feel at ease.

“They do patrol, but not as often, and I think that’s where they take advantage of the situation,” he said.

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