Justice Department offers more help to cities fighting crime


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — The Justice Department is wrapping up the year by giving U.S. cities more money to fight crime. Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced $1.6 billion in grants that will go to hundreds of communities and law enforcement agencies across the country. 

Garland said the DOJ is “committed to supporting our state and local partners to combat crime across the country.” More than $271.9 million is being awarded to state law enforcement agencies and cities nationwide. The DOJ is also adding money that can be used for initiatives to reduce crime and enhance public safety. 

The cities on the grant list include Chicago, which was awarded $2,407,095. Los Angeles was awarded $2,692,835. Baltimore could receive $1,364,052. More than $1.5 million was awarded to jurisdictions, including Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed and four former police officers were charged in connection with his murder and near where ex-Officer Kim Porter was found guilty in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. 

The Justice Department is also investing in tools to help fight the rise in crime in a variety of ways. Dimondale, just outside of Lansing, Michigan was awarded $2 million for body cameras. Trenton, New Jersey is also being awarded nearly $2 million for that. There’s also a push to train new officers in cities including Houston, New Orleans and Birmingham, Alabama. Those cities are all getting about $500,000 to support that effort.

Additionally, the DOJ is working with cities to hire new officers to increase community policing and prevent crime. Madison, Wisconsin was awarded funding to hire six new officers. Brownsville, Texas was awarded funding for 10 new officers. Cincinnati and St. Paul are also receiving funding, and could hire as many as 30-50 new police officers. 

As for the victims of these crimes, the DOJ is awarding another $40 million — in addition to the $1.2 billion announced this fall — to support victim assistance and compensation programs across the country.

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